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For owners and franchisees, we have solutions to fit your growth strategy. Through its strategic partners, All-Star Franchise provides comprehensive capital and financial advisory services to its clients, including:


  • Franchise financing

  • Mergers & aquisitions

  • Corporate financing

  • Private Placements

  • Capital raising

  • Debt financing

  • Valuation/fairness opinions. 

Since most financial institutions consider the food industry to be "high-risk," most restauarants and food chains have trouble obtaining financing to fulfill their growth strategy. Many lenders will not provide restaurant financing at all, while those that do tend to be very selective. We have a list of financial institutions and banks that are likely to offer financing to the food and beverage industry and can work with you to develop a business plan that will satisfy the needs of the banks. In other words, we tell the story in a better and more professional manner. 


All-Star Franchise brings professional help to companies in knowing how to make a proper presentation, to whom to make the presentation, and in providing advice on terms, conditions, structure, interest rates, equity give-up (if any).

We are builders. Contact us for more information.

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