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Franchise Consulting

Franchise development is our area of expertise. Whether you are starting a new franchise, reworking an existing brand, or converting company owned operations, All-Star Franchise has the experience to help you succeed. While various franchisors have different needs, there are some basic needs that remain the same - speed and accuracy. In a constantly changing marketplace, experience and flexibility are critical and All-Star Franchise is perfectly structured to meet those needs.

All-Star Franchise will conduct an evaluation of your business concept to help you determine whether franchising is the right thing for you. For many companies, franchising may not be appropriate. Our highly experienced consultants can work with you to conduct a thorough feasibility analysis and offer you the pros and cons of establishing a franchise company. 


Once we determine that your company is ready, we can assist you in developing a cost-effective franchise development program. Our goal is to teach you as much as we can about franchising and work with you each step of the way as we can take your knowledge of your business and our expertise in establishing a successful franchise program. 


Our franchise development process includes:

  • Complimentary Feasibility Study

  • Strategic Planning for franchise growth

  • Franchise Legal Documentation

  • Franchise Operations and Training Manuals

  • Franchisee Recruitment

  • Franchise Marketing Material

  • Franchise Sales Training

  • Franchise Compliance

  • Branding and Marketing

For a feasibility study or to setup a consultation , contact us today!

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